My name is Chhai, Yep! like the tea. I was born and raised in Cambodia. I moved to Montezuma (NM) in 2012 to attend an international high school, UWC-USA. Upon completion of the International Baccalaureate diploma, I received a scholarship to study at Lewis & Clark College in 2014. My experience growing up in Cambodia motivated me to pursue a B.A. in Economics, with areas of interest in development and health economics.

I am also interested in guitar, photography, cooking, motorcycle road trip and writings. I have traveled to a few countries-including Thailand by motorcycle- and captured some nice pictures. (Check them out. They’re in my Portfolio page). I became interested in food and learned to make a lot of food when I went to college. I usually make food out of my imaginary, but hey! they taste good. Last but not least, I love to read during free time. Matter of fact, it inspired me to write my first novel “The faded star” (more in my blog). Did I mention that I’m a big fan of Liverpool? YNWA