Kindness Is A Gain, Not A Loss

After I checked in my luggage, the airline staffs handed me boarding passes. In a few hours, I will be flying for the first time. I will fly from Phnom Penh to Taiwan to Los Angeles to New Mexico. In about 30 hours, I will settle in the state where I’ve never heard of or known about. If you asked my mom where I was heading to, I guarantee that she’d still say “Mexico”. Anyway, it was a scary moment. I was in the airport with boarding passes in my hand, a fanny pack of cash wrapped around my waist (we didn’t even have a bank account, so my grandma made a fanny pack for me to carry cash), and a nervous face. As I was about to go to my terminal, my mom turned to me and told me something that she’s probably told me a thousand times already.

“Be nice and kind to people! If those you help can’t or don’t help you back, other people will”

Since I left home, what she told me has never disappeared from my mind. For all these years in the U.S., I’ve always followed her words. There are no tools that can measure and calculate my kindness so I don’t know how kind of a person I am. However, one thing I know for sure is that I’ve lived with people who care and think about me. I’ve always been surrounded by many approachable, supportive and kindhearted friends. My fundraising blog really proves my mom’s words.

A moment after I posted on my blog, many friends and even people that I don’t know reached out to help, sent nice messages, gave me hugs, and offered me a place to stay. When I shared my story, I encountered people with similar stories, who can understand my situation and can relate to what I am going through. The whole thing is just beautiful. Sure! I might not get all the money that I need, but all of these are more than enough. It keeps me going.

We, as human beings, want to succeed. But sometimes we struggle, we make irrational decisions, or we screw up. But we just need a little help to get through a difficult time; and all it takes is kindness. When you give out your kindness, you will get rewarded with happiness and another people’s kindness. It is a gain. Only jealousy, hatred, and greed are the loss.

I can’t thank enough for all the people who come along my journey. My professors (especially my economic Prof. A.S.M) who got me in one of the top schools, my job, my friends who invited me to stay in their house/apartment and never treated me as a guest but a brother, college friends, mutual friends and professors who do not hesitate to help me.

In the future, when I stand in a terminal waiting for my flight, I won’t stand with anxiety. Because I know that wherever I go, there will be nice and kind people. I know that my kindness will reward me.

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