2018 Rewind and 2019 Resolutions

Like most people, I feel like 2018 went by quickly. It was a great year, and it was indeed one of the best years which I accomplished so much. I don’t normally write about or share with friends my rewind and resolutions because there are always different elements that make every year unique. But, what the heck! right? It’s 2019 and I feel like I need to start off with something new. So here you go, my first post on my very first blog.

In this post, I am going to make a list of what I went through last year and what I plan to do in 2019. Let’s start with a rewind:

2018 Rewind

  • January was the beginning of stressful time for many graduating college students. I started to get confused about where my life was heading. It was a snowy night in Portland (OR) when two friends and I gathered and talked about 2008 financial crisis and “The Big Short” (All of us are economic students). It made us think how big we should “short” after college. So, we exchanged ideas about entrepreneurship, startup, and how to make a good fortune. And of course, we were all confused.
  • February-April was a great part of the year. (No, it’s not). School was okay, but finding a job is a pain. I never felt this much pressure until April 2018. I started seeking and applying for a job since January and none offered me a job. The worst part is being an international student looking for a job in the U.S. The first question in you will get is ” Will you now and in the future need a sponsorship?” A few recruiters would be nice enough to have a little chat with you, while the other would hang up right away if your answer is Yes. But one of the most important keys is to remain hopeful. It was what I did.
  • May was the most exciting yet nerve-wracking month. I successfully finished writing my senior thesis, and YEP! my senior year. I was one of the economic students nominated by Economics Department to present my senior project at the annual Festival of Scholars at Lewis & Clark College. May 5th, I graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a B.A. in Economics. May 7th, I had a job interview and was offered a temporary position in a bank in Downtown Portland. I guess after all you hard work pays off, one way or the other.
  • May-December exposed me to the corporate world. I wanted to work in a bank when I was in college, so it was a valuable gift that I had my hands-on experience in the banking industry. I will touch on that on my next post.

So, that’s 2018. It was overall a great. A lot of upsides and downsides. But one thing you will never forget to do is embrace every aspects of life. There are a lot of things I learned in 2018, but if I have to say three things that I learned the most, they would be “Economics”, “It’s okay to feel confused”, and “Let’s just go for it”.

2019 Resolutions

When I say it’s okay to feel confused, I mean it because I am literally still confused. I love what I am doing now, but I ask myself everyday if that is something I am truly passionate about. Or what is it that I am passionate about? So here are the new year solutions:

  • I need to go explore and discover my passion. No judgement zone here. Whatever we think we might like, GO FOR IT!
  • “Money”!!! Last year was all about that dollar sign. I was worried too much if I was gonna make enough for my living and my family’s. So, how about an attempt to set financial ambition aside and start living a non-financial-pressured life? (We’ll still need to save some money though).
  • Motorcycle Road Trip! I always want to do it. I guess this is the year.
  • Write a second novel
  • Last but not least, keep this blog up and running.

I’m looking forward to what 2019 has to offer. We can’t really expect much, and we shouldn’t because what uncertain is surprising. This makes me think of when I had dinner with a colleague of mine and she said “I’d always like a waiter to surprise me with one dish.” So let’s 2019 surprises us with something!

Happy New Year!

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